How to calibrate your scans with ISS (in 2 easy steps)

Before / After scanner calibration

This tutorial shows how easy it is to enhance the colors of your scans with scanner calibration in ISS.

Step 1 : Order an IT8.7/2 Target

Click here and give us your postal address.
Within a few days, we’ll receive by mail post an IT8.7/2 Target:

This step is free for registered users.

Step 2 : Scan the Target

Scan the Target you received at 600 DPI (no need for higher resolution),
and click here to send us the scan (png or jpg format) using the option ‘File attachement’ at bottom.

That’s all !

You’ll receive soon a message informing you that the scanner calibration has been enabled.
From now on, all scans processed by ISS will be automatically calibrated.

To disable/enable the scanner calibration feature:

  • Press the button (at left) to go to the Config Menu.
  • The section related to scan calibration is surrounded by green below:
  • To enable/disable automatic scan calibration, use the checkbox:

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