Tutorial : How to calibrate your scans with ISS

Before / After scanner calibration

This tutorial describes how to enhance the colors of your scans with scanner calibration:

    • the first step describes how to create the identity card (called an ICC profile) of your scanner
    • the second step describes how to use this identity card to automatically enhance your scans


Step 1 : create your scanner identity card

(if you already have the ICC profile of your scanner, you can go directly to Step 2)
This step has only to be made once (or when you change your scanner).
It is very specific to a scanner instance.
For example, 2 scanners with the same model/name/production chain will have distinct ICC profile .
For this step, you’ll need an IT8.7/2 Target:

(if you need one, just contact us : it costs less then 20USD)

  1. Scan the IT8.7/2 Target at 600dpi.
    You do not need the target to be exactly aligned in your scanner.
    You can even scan it upside down (like in the example below).
    Even if your scanner supports higher resolution, scan the Target at (at most) 600 dpi.
    Put the Target directly on the scanner (remove the protection foil when scanning the Target)
  2. Load the Target scan on ISSĀ  (button ‘Single scan’)
  3. Under ISS, right click on the IT8.7/2 Target and select: Calibrate my scanner with this IT8 Target
  4. Wait (up to 5 minutes) for the calibration to finish.
  5. On successful completion, you’ll see:

    If you receive an error message:

    • First, change the position of the IT8 Target in your scanner, scan it, an perform Step 1 again.
    • If it still doesn’t work, please contact us joining the scan you are using.
  6. From now on, all scans processed by ISS will be automatically calibrated.
    (next step show how to disable this feature)

Step 2 : Using the automatic calibration feature in ISS

For this step, you already have created the ICC profile file of your scanner.
(it is a file with an *.icm or *.icc extension, in the 100 KBytes range).
This step shows where to configure the location of this file, and how to enable/disable calibration for your sans.

  1. Press the button (at left) to go to the Config Menu.
  2. The section related to scan calibration is surrounded by green below:
  3. To enable/disable automatic scan calibration, use the checkbox:
  4. The location of the scanner ICC profile file is selected in blue (in the picture above).
    If you have used Step 1 to create the file, ISS has already updated this line with the appropriate path (you have nothing to do).
    If you have your own ICC profile file, just put the path to this file in the TextBox.

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