Tutorial : how to analyze a scan with ISS ?

This tutorial explains the basis functions to analyze a scan with ImageScanSplitter,
To follow it, you can download the scan used in this tutorial  here (tutorial1_r.jpg)

Step 1

  1. Press the ‘single scan’ button (at top left) and choose the scan you have downloaded above ( file tutorial1_r.jpg)
  2. ISS will automatically detect the 7 elements in the scans:
  3. In most cases, you only need now to save the detected elements by clicking in the button ‘Create files’ at left:
  4. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll explore some more options available in ISS.

Step 2

One of those elements (the bloc of 4 at top right) is inclined.
To fix it:

  1. Click with the mouse right button on this block of 4
  2. Choose the menu ‘Rotation’ and select : ’90° CCW (Counter Clockwise)’
  3. The bloc will now appears as below:

Step 3

The 2 imperforated stamps at top left are separated. For the purpose of this turotial, we’ll merge them together

  1. Select the elements to merge by clicking with the left button on each stamp.
  2. Right click on any of those 2 stamps and choose: ‘Merge those 2 elements’
  3. The 2 stamps are now merged:

Step 4

We’ll enlarge the border around the green stamp at bottom left (the borders around the other stamps will not change):

  1. Right click on the green stamp at bottom left
  2. Choose the ‘Border around’ menu and select ‘Enlarge’:
  3. The stamp will now look like this:

Step 5

We’ll remove 1 element then undo (rollback) this action:

  1. Right click on the stamp at bottom right and select ‘Delte this element’
  2. The stamp will disappear:
  3. Click on the ‘Undo button’ (at left) to cancel the last action:
  4. The stamp is back:

Step 6

To finish, we’ll save all the elements.

  1. Choose (at left) the directory where the files will be saved:
  2. Choose the output format:
  3. Press the button:
  4. The files are saved (here in JPEG format) in the above directory.


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