Tutorial : merge front and back scans

This turotial describes how to merge front and back scans.
This feature is only available in the PRO Version of ISS (to get a trial PRO licence, click here)
The front and back scans used in this tutorial are Tutorial2_front.jpg (front scan) and Tutorial2_back.jpg (back scan).
Please download those 2 scans in your hard disk to follow the steps below.


Step 1

  1. Press the  button located at top left.
  2. You’ll be first asked for the front scan.
    Please select the Tutorial2_front.jpg file downloaded above.
  3. You’ll then be asked for the back scan.
    Select the Tutorial2_back.jpg file downloaded above.
  4. The following screen will be displayed (the paths may be differents in your computer):
  5. With the line ‘Store output pictures in’ you can indicate where the extracted pictures will be saved.
  6. Ensure that the option: ‘Each scan contains exactly one element’ is not checked.
  7. Ensure that the option: ‘Stop after each scan analyze to let me manually modify the selection’ is checked
  8. You can then start the analyze by pressing the button

Step 2: Front Scan analyze

  1. The Front scan will be analyzed:
  2. One of the element (the grey stamp at top) has been scanned rotated:
    To correct it, right click on the stamp, the Rotate menu, then choose: ’90° CW (Clockwise)’ :
  3. The stamp is now horizontal:
  4. To end the Front Scan analyze, and to start the Back Scan analyze,
    pres the button  at left.

Step 3: Back Scan analyze

  1. The Back Scan will be analyzed:

    As you’ll see the grey stop at top has been automatically rotated.
  2. To create the output files, click the button at left.
    The files will be created (here in JPEG High quality) in the directory indicated above (option: ‘Store output pictures in’)
  3. To see what the 33 extracted files look like, you can download the following archive.


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