Version History


  • 1.68 (apr-2018)
    Support of wallpaper transparency (menu ‘Config’ then ‘Wallpaper transparency level’).
    Suggested wallpaper transparency level: 50
  • 1.66 (june-2017)
    Performance improvement (20% faster).
  • 1.64 (april-2017)
    Support of scanner calibration.
  • 1.62 (march-2017)
    When analyzing an entire directory, new option to assign a number to the extracted pictures.
  • 1.58 (feb-2015)
    Improved heuristic to deskew items.
    Option to compute stamp perforation.
  • 1.56 (jan-2015)
    Improved heuristic to detect shapes.
    Option to open the output directory (after analyze).
  • 1.55 (october-2014)
    Enhanced performance on multi cores computers (for loading large bitmaps).
    Better heuristics for merging front and back scan.
  • 1.54 (june-2014)
    Option to select manually the shape of an item (keep the shift key pressed and select the item shape with the mouse)
  • 1.53 (may-2014)
    Option to select many items with the mouse at once (click and hold the left mouse button to select those items)
    New shortcut to select/unselect all items (Ctrl-A).
    Better ‘Undo’ management while analyzing an entire directory.
  • 1.52 (april-2014)
    Better detection heuristics.
    Shortcuts to rotates detected items.
  • 1.49(sept-2013)
    Shortcuts for fast access to main functionalities.
    In batch mode, the ESC key will stop the analyze.
  • 1.47(july-2013)
    Minor fixes.
  • 1.46 (june-2013)
    Tutorial mode.
    French version of the Website.
  • 1.44 (june-2013)
    Support of TIFF format.
    Option to analyze again the extracted items (right clic + ‘Reanalyze all items’)
  • 1.41 (june-2013)
    Undo button.
    Performance enhancement (muli threading)
  • 1.34 (may-2013)
    Batch mode to process an entire direcctory.
    Better detection of background color.
    Analyze of front and back scan to merge each front item with the associated back item.
    French version.
  • 1.28 (april-2013)
    Option to add a description to an item (right click then choose ‘Enter Description’).
    Automatic update if a new version is availabe.
  • 1.27 (april-2013)
    Option to choose the output directory.
  • 1.24 (april-2013)
    Better background color detection.
    Options to (re)split again a picture (right click then choose ‘Force split’).
  • 0.19 (march-2013)
    Options to rotate the picture (right click then choose ‘Rotate’ sub menu).
  • 0.15 (february-2013)
    First public release.