Selling Stamps, Postcards, Coins, Letters ?

Boost your sales with Image Scan Splitter  !


Image Scan Splitter is a tool (for Windows) that will save you a bunch of time when selling online (EBay/Delcampe/etc.).

It will automatically:

  1. analyze the scans you have made of the items you are about to sell (see the tutorial)
  2. detect the different items in each scan
  3. save each item individually (and automatically rotate/center it to enhance its visual appearance)

It has many handy options:

  • automatic scan calibration to improve colors (see the tutorial)
  • merge several items together (right click on the items then ‘Merge those items’)
  • left/right rotation (right click on the item then ‘Rotate’ menu)
  • add a description to an item (right click then ‘Enter Description’)
  • merge the front and back scans of an item (PRO version only, see the tutorial)
  • It can even process an entire directory in one click ! (PRO version only)
  • etc.

The best thing about it ?

A PRO Version is also available (see comparison chart):

If you do noy believe it, just download ISS and test all the options above … for free.